Where are you today? I am…

Mindset and mental state Mondays have been a huge thing for me. It’s a time that I take to check in where I am, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Check-ins are a huge part of choosing to go on a self-development and self-love journey. Starting my work week with clarity helps me to keep the bigger picture in full view.

Your story does NOT have to be your forever story.

Not so long ago, I was in a space that was NOT healthy for me or those around me. I can admit that. Continuing to be completely honest, I didn’t experience my wake-up call until about 2 years ago. I was slapped out of my unrealistic optimism, then pushed to get real quiet from within. In that silence, I started seeing things for what they were and not what I wanted, wished, and hoped for. It’s been a bumpy emotional ride, but I AM the better for it.

I’ve worked consistently on my mindset and start to tell my NEW story. “I AM” is such a powerful statement.

The first thing I had to get comfortable with is that I AM WHERE I AM and that is alright it is all temporary. It wasn’t easy repeating this, but I stayed the course with guided and divine physical and spiritual help. I AM grateful for my lessons, challenges, successes, and transformation that is happening still.

I’ll ask again… where are you? To be Continued