“I know that I’m destined to do something so great that it’s just a feeling at this point…”

From cutting up my clothes to baking treats form every holiday to applying for colleges, to attending a college I should have transferred from, to making connections and graduating in 5 years instead of 4, to losing my way than going nature (with my hair), Youtube vlogging, then finding my way again. Then losing it again, though relationships, friendships, and self-esteem. I have arrived at this point. The date is July 2020 (vague on the exact date of posting because I have written this on the 15th an I might not post it till the end of the week. You know who it is.). Back to what I was saying, the date is July 2020, I’m starting again. Here we go…

I was just a preteen with the audacity to write in my diary that I would be a business owner and do many great things with my life. Oh, how the times have sped up and it’s 2020. Have I don’t these great things and become a business owner? Most certainly!

It was what seems a very long, heavy, tiresome road, that made me want to rethink what I was doing and what I wanted for myself but, I stayed the course. I’m now a couple of years into my business. I have connected with so many other business owners and made even more realizations.

5 of the many realizations I’ve had over the years til now:

  1. It helps tremendously to be surrounded by people who are business owners and entrepreneurs, but also they are the same color as you.
  2. It helps to connect with people in your field/industry, to fuel you, push you, and make you feel sane when you have a client that’s just doesn’t get the creative process.
  3. You’ll have many ideas that come to you but start with one. Just start something!
  4. That I’m a badass. Always have been! 
  5. I have to make sure and feed myself first mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Again these are just a few of the realizations I’ve had, I’m sure I’ll share more with you all in later posts. I’ve humbly lost my self and found myself so many times, it’s not worth dwelling over it. I’m happy tone here now. Just for me, I’m pushing past my comfort zone and stretching myself, as if I do yoga every day, (yup that’s on my to-do list).

I’m making my diary dream manifest into reality and adding to it.

I officially started again, I really can tell you for sure what you are about to witness or learn from me, but I can say that I will do my best to document as much as possible and as often as possible. Current happens, I have a few businesses and ideas in the works, I’ll share that stuff.

This is my process or journey, so I officially welcome you along for the ride and into my inner circle. I’ll be revisiting things and showing up in places so stay tuned for all of that.

Intro entry completed. Check my footer to connect with me on social media.

See ya next time.

(yup I’m gonna do it, join my inner circle so you know when a new post is live and about all the other shenanigans I’m getting into.)